Manage attendance registers with acute efficiency with time attendance system

Say goodbye to days when your employees would somehow bypass the manual register every now and then. Trust issues are something no one would like to compromise with. Admit it, whenever you could not catch them red-handed, jumping the register; you’d feel a mixture of contempt and rage at being cheated by some ridiculously disloyal employees. But now, with the help of biometric time attendance system, you can finally keep such unwanted personnel at bay. Thanks to this miraculous new technology, a new era of decorum and discipline can be put to effect at your workplace.

Why should you bother about time attendance solutions? If you are strict about the notion of punctuality, responsibility, discipline and respect for authority; then you should definitely be bothered about finding the right biometric time attendance system to bring order back to your workplace. These solutions are also used extensively in banks, schools, colleges, hospitals, and service companies where time and attendance is a crucial factor.

How does it work? A biometric time attendance system, usually takes fingerprint scans of entries. They come preloaded with memory to save up to around 500-1000 individuals. To use it, on the first day of its use, every time staffs comes to work, they must give fingerprint scan which immediately saves it in its memory.

Time attendance solutions also come with no-contact ID card recognition scanning, which means your staffs has to swipe their ID cards at the scanner to gain entry as well as report for the day’s attendance. Once the database has been updated to include every ID or fingerprint at your workplace, the next day onwards, everything works on its own accord.

Your time attendance system tracks the day’s first and last swipe or entry for every individual, thus giving you the details on when each staff reported to work and when they left. Such efficient attendance tracking solutions would not be available without biometric technology, and it is the ideal solution for a disciplined working environs. Get to know more about biometric attendance system on What else does it do?

What else would you expect from such an efficient time attendance system? For starters, expect a more secure and organized working ambience. Security is another key feature of such time attendance solutions. Most time attendance systems register every entry during the course of the day, therefore letting you keep a tab on not only the attendance register, but also how many times any particular staff goes outside and comes back inside, from your desk.


The best way to learn more about iGuardpayroll is to try it yourself. The link below will get you to the website.  Feel free to try the functions and to generate some payroll & management reports.

Time & Attendance

iGuardPayroll can save up to 1 million records (or 5 years of records, whichever comes first) for each division

The access log is shown in iGuardPayroll website in different formats, including the basic access log, attendance & daily in/out.  Also, iGuardPayroll can generate Microsoft Excel outputs in many more additional formats.

In addition, the access log can be grouped by individuals. In this case, the access log records for each individual will be shown in simple chronological order, or in monthly Time-Card format along with any events associated with each day of the month.

Access Log

This is the most basic format of the access log.  The list can be sorted by date, employee ID, employee name & employee other name.

For data integrity, each access log record is irrevocable, i.e., it can not be modified or deleted. The only exception is the in/out status, which can be modified as shown in this screenshot.

Events Setup

There are a number of default individual events and company events, including Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, Sick Leave... etc.  In addition, you can create any number of additional events suitable for your company.  Examples are business trip, travelling expense, storms, public holidays... and more.

All events can be assigned to individual employee (individual events) or to all employees (company events).

Schedule Setup

iGuardPayroll allows you to create as many schedules as needed.  You can setup daily working hours with optional lunch break.  You can also specify if the employee is subject to late deduction or not in salary calculation.

The Late and Overtime reports are calculated based on this setup.

Company Holidays

Company holidays are assigned to employees by schedule.  All employees under the selected schedules will be assigned.

Employees can override this assignment individually.

Company Events

Any company events, such as day off due to typhoon & storm, are assigned here, providing information when preparing the Late and other reports.

Time Card Report

Similar to the conventional time card, iGuardPayroll also has the Monthly Time Card Report.  The In/Out time in this list is calculated intelligently based on the schedule each employee belongs.

For example, if there are over one IN record and one OUT record in the list for a day, iGuardPayroll will select the best IN/OUT pair to represent the actual clock-in & clock-out time based on the schedule the employee belongs.

Assign Individual Events

iGuardPayroll makes assigning individual events to employees extremely easy by allowing you to assign the events directly in the Time Card report directly as shown.

You can assign multiple events to each day.

Cut Off Day

iGuardPayroll lets you specify the cut-off day of each month.  For example, if the cut off day is set to 25, then the corresponding month will begin on the 26th day of the previous month to the 25th day of the month.

This is mainly for salary calculation.

Real Time Monitor

With this feature, iGuardParyoll will show the picture of the employee just clocked In or Out with a nice beep sound, to alert the management who has just arrived or left the company.

Due to the network traffic time, there is an approximately one-second delay for the picture to show on screen.

This is a paid option.  The price is US$12 / iGuard unit / month.