Mobile View

  • a special mobile view in iGuardPayroll that enables employees to retrieve their past access log records easily
  • login to iGuardPayroll via the employees' existing google / yahoo! / facebook account
  • retrieve past records by simply simply specifying the month and the year
  • easy to switch back to normal desktop view for user administrator

Mobile View

iGuardPayroll has a special layout for Mobile devices (i.e., Mobile View) by using the mobile devices' internet browser to visit iGuardPayroll site ( iGuardPayroll will detect the device type, and if it is a mobile device, iGuardPayroll will automatically switch to the Mobile View.

Unlike the normal Desktop View, this Mobile View only shows the access log records of the login employee in the familiar time-card format. No unnecessary functions and features are included. All employees will be able to use it without any training.

To make it even more convenient, employees only need their existing Google or Yahoo! or Facebook accounts to login.  The administrator does not need to setup and maintain their employees accounts & passwords.

The user administrator can easily switch back to the Desktop View if necessary.

With this Mobile View, your employees can retrieve their own access log records anywhere and anytime they like.

Assign Email Address

By simply enabling employees' login and assigning their respective email address, iGuardPayroll allows each employee to login to the system via their own Google or Yahoo or Facebook accounts, thus saving you the time and efforts to assign and maintain user accounts and passwords for your employees.


The Mobile View, like the Desktop View, supports both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.