• two versions: iServerExpress & iServer2
  • windows-based programs that runs on PC for permanently storing the access log in the PC in a real time manner
  • records saved in PC in text file, and
  • save directly to SQL Server (iServerExpress) or via ODBC interface (iServer)


  • designed for iGuardPayroll
  • using the same login name & password to login
  • download access log records from iGuardPayroll daily or weekly at a specific time
  • save records in .txt, .cvs or directly inserted into SQL server
  • runs in the PC as a service
  • free of charge


* LM520 only *

  • collect access log directly from iGuard device without going through iGuardpayroll
  • all registered iGuard devices will send access log directly to the PC running iServer2 in real-time manner
  • data saved in .txt format or saved in local database (such as MS SQL Server) via ODBC interface
  • runs both as an application or as a service in the PC
  • does not support iGuardExpress
  • free of charge

iServerExpress is a program that runs in Windows PC as a service.  It is designed specifically to work with iGuardPayroll.  It collects the access log records from the iGuardPayroll and save the records in the local machines.

It is easy to install the program. After installing the programa, in first launch, you will be asked to to login to iGuardPayroll.  The same username and password are the same as your iGuardPayroll account.  Once successfully login, you need to specify a schedule for iServerExpress to fetch the records (either daily or weekly as shown in the diagram).

After that, the program will run as a background program, and will get the access log records at the time according to the setting in the schedule.

Unlike iServer2, iServerExpress does not get the access log directly from the iGuard devices.

The records will then be saved locally as a text file, or will be inserted to a SQL Server directly.

iServer2 is an automatic data logging server for iGuard Terminal. Access log will be logged in your PC automatically. This program utilizes our API SDK.

Once the program is launched and registered with the iGuard terminal, the terminal will automatically send all the new access log records to your PC (as shown in the diagram at the right side), it works with Microsoft's ODBC interface. Therefore, the access log will send directly to database (or text file). Besides, there're many other features added to the server. Other applications (such as payroll applications) can directly import this text file for payroll calculation.

This program provides an immediate solution for incorporating the access log data to the existing payroll applications. For those companies with in-house software development department, they can also consider incorporating our API SDK directly to their existing applications.