The best way to learn more about iGuardpayroll is to try it yourself. The link below will get you to the website.  Feel free to try the functions and to generate some payroll & management reports.


iGuard - SuperMaster Mode

In this operating mode, each division (i.e., each company or business operation under the same account) supports multiple iGuards.  You can connect as many iGuard units to iGuardPayroll as needed. These iGuards are slave units to this division, and are running in Slave mode.  Its role in this mode is like an iGuard SuperMaster unit.

This mode is a paid service.  There is a one-time cost of US$1,000.00 (which is the same as the iGuard SuperMaster unit).

Multiple iGuard units

Hundreds of iGuard machines can be connected to the same division in SuperMaster mode.  Each iGuard unit will share the same set of employee information, such as the access rights and personal passwords.  Any change in iGuard settings (e.g., changing the in/out trigger time) will be synchronized to all iGuard units connected.

Manage iGuard Individually

Each iGuard unit can be managed individually, for instance, the default IN/OUT status of some units can be set to 'Always IN', while others are set to follow the preset in/out time.

Options for SuperMaster Mode

More system-wise options are available specifically for each division in Supermaster Mode, including setting the anti-passback mode and backing-up data for restoring to other divisions.