• supports both biometric fingerprint & contactless smart card authentication
  • built-in SecuGen Optical Fingerprint Sensor (selected model only)
  • embedded Web Server for easy report viewing through any Internet Browser anytime & anywhere

SuperMaster LM-SM-10000

SuperMaster is an iGuard model that supports up to 20,000 employees.  It is used as a supplement to the normal iGuard Master unit, which supports a max. of 1,000 employees only.

The operation of the SuperMaster is very much like the normal iGuard Master unit, except that it does not perform any user authentication itself. It acts like a file server that serves the requests for user information from all the connected slave units, and to centrally save the access log records from all the units.

Supports up to 20,000 Employees

Unlike other iGuard models, SuperMaster supports a max. of 20,000 employees.

There are three versions with different max. no. of employee supported: 5,000, 10,000 & 20.000.

Built-in Database Server

With its larger database size, SuperMaster can store from 5,000 employees up to 20,000 employees.

SuperMaster can grow along with your business growth!

How it works...

During the normal verification procedure at a slave iGuard unit, the slave unit will first search its internal database to see if the user information is already available.  If so, the slave unit will continue the verification process normally. Otherwise, the slave unit will send a request to the SuperMaster in the background for the user information, and continue the process after receiving the information from the SuperMaster.

Unlimited Slave Units

SuperMaster supports unlimited no. of iGuard slave units to meet your business needs.

Similar to the normal master/slave configuration, the slave unit connects to the SuperMaster by specifying the IP address and the Port number of the SuperMaster, in much the same way as connection to a normal iGuard Master unit.

True TCP/IP Protocol

Same as other iGuard models, SuperMaster uses true TCP/IP protocol and is ready for network connection.

Again, each Supermaster unit has its own IP address, such as

 LM-520 FOSCLM-520 FOSC-SPLM-520-SCSuperMaster
Power 12VDC, 600mA 12VDC, 800mA
Contactless Smartcard Yes n/a
Web & Database Server Built-in
Network Security (SSL) Optional
Auto Data Synchronization
(i.e., master / slave configuration)
Yes No (Master Only) Yes
Max. No. of Employee 1,000 10,000
Max. Access Log stored 20,000
Static/Dynamic IP Assignment Yes (Support existing DHCP Server)
Non-volatile memory 16MB 32MB
Internet Browser All Modern Internet Browsers
Supported by iGuardPayroll Yes (requires iGuard Firmware 5.0.9000 or above)
Valid Characters for Employee ID 0-9, A-B (maximum - 10 characters)
Display 16 x 2 LCD with Backlight
LCD Multilingual Yes (available: chinese & french)
Fingerprint Sensor Optical ---
Two-Finger Enrollment Yes ---
Fingerprint Sensor Resolution 500dpi ---
Fingerprint Sensor scan area 12mm x 15mm ---
Verification Time approx. 1 sec. ---  
False Rejection Rate < 1% ---
False Acceptance Rate < 0.01% ---
AutoMatch Count 30 ---
Network Protocol TCP/IP, HTTP
Network Interface Ethernet (100-Base T)
Other Interface Wiegand (output only) ---
Real Time Clock Last for approx. 2 days without power
External Controls Door Strike, Open-Door Switch, Break-in Alarm, Door Status ---
Dimension(mm) 105(W) x 55(D) x 150(H) 105(W) x 38(D) x 150(H) 254(W) x 193(D) x 61(H)
Certification  ce_th.png & fcc_th.png Pending