The best way to learn more about iGuardpayroll is to try it yourself. The link below will get you to the website.  Feel free to try the functions and to generate some payroll & management reports.


iGuard - Normal Mode

iGuardPayroll works seamlessly with iGuard devices. Unlike iGuardExpress, iGuardPayroll is an optional service for iGuard users (since iGuard already has its own built-in Web Server), and it is also free. It provides a cloud-based persistent storage for all the employees and access log records.

In this Normal Mode, only one iGuard device can be registered to each division in your account (please note that you can set up as many divisions as you like under your account).  This iGuard has to be run in Master mode, and it can have as many slave units as needed.

iGuardPayroll can be used to manage all employees, and the information will be synchronized automatically between iGuardPayroll and the iGuard device registered to the division of the account.


Setup is easy.  There is a Registration Code associated with each division. You will need this registration code when registering an iGuard machine to iGuardPayroll.


Simply enter the Registration Code of the division in iGuard device's network setup menu (ie., Func 5).  That's all!


After successfully registered, the iGuard device's status will be updated as shown.


You can maintain the department in iGuardPayroll in the same way as you do in iGuard's built-in webpage.  Any changes here will be synchronized with the registered iGuard machine automatically.

Employee Maintenance

Some iGuard-related employee settings, such as Personal Password and AutoMatch settings, can be edited in iGuardPayroll.  iGuardPayroll will then update the iGuard machine immediately.

Terminal List

Similar to the iGuard's built-in webserver, iGuardPayroll maintains a list of all Slave units connected to the Master unit.  In addition, some of the system-related settings, such as the Default In/Out mode and the Daily Single Access settings, can be configured here.