• a Time & Attendance device supports most popular contactless smartcard types
  • built-in camera to take snapshot to record who has actually clocked in
  • sends access logs to iGuardPayroll in real-time via WiFi or wired connection
  • pay-as-you-go subscription model: extremely low price per month

What is it?

iGuardExpress is our latest Time & Attendance product specially designed to work with our cloud-based iGuardPayroll server.

It allows employees to Clock IN & Clock OUT using most popular contactless smartcard of their own.  It supports Mifare® contactless smartcard.  In addition, it is able to sense Octopus card and supports other popular smartcard standards, including ISO/IEC 14443 and Sony 13.56 MHz FeliCa.

For Hong Kong users, this means that most of the popular payment cards for shopping and transportation in the city can be used.

As a result, your company no longer needs to provide and maintain the contactless smartcards for your employees.

iGuardExpress also has built-in camera to take snapshots of the employees when they clock in.  These snapshots will be sent to the iGuardPayroll server along with the access log record. You can later on retrieve these snapshots in iGuardPayroll to identify who the person is.

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Maintenance Free

The iGuardExpress device is installed & setup at your premise by our technicians. Depending on the network type, you either provide the network cable (for wire network) or WiFi connection information (for wifi connection).

Once installed and connected to the internet, you and your employees can immediately start using it.

Unlike other similar systems in the market, it does not require any PC or server to work with.  Since everything is stored in our Cloud-based server, no more data backup is required at all.  It is 100% maintenance Free.

No-Frills design

We believe that simplicity is the best design. iGuardExpress does not come with fancy touch-screen display with complicated, hard-to-use & error-proning features. It only has ONE button for employee to override the default IN/OUT status when clocking in.

You won't find any unnecessary features in iGuardExpress!

Contactless SmartCard

As in iGuard, iGuardExpress supports Mifare® contactless smartcard. In addition, it is able to sense Octopus card and supports other popular contactless smartcard standards, including ISO/IEC 14443 and Sony 13.56 MHz FeliCa.

This is especially convenient for users in Hong Kong, as the most popular contactless smartcard everyone in the city uses for shopping and transportation works with iGuardExpress. Your company no longer needs to provide and maintain the smartcards for your employees.

Small Footprint

With an inner dimension of 7.5cm x 7.5cm, iGuardExpress is designed to fit into any industrial-standard 13A power socket box, making installation and cable wiring convenient.


iGuardExpress has built-in camera to take snapshot of each clock-in / clock-out record. With our Time-Shifting Technology, a series of pictures of the employee will be taken, in a time frame a few seconds before and after the clock-in time.

Extremely low price per month

Rather than selling the product, we use pay-as-you-go Subscription Model for iGuardExpress. With an extremely low price per month, you can immediately start using iGuardExpress and all the features provided by iGuardPayroll website. No contract. No commitment. No catch. No risk.

This is a Limited Time Promotion Offer!