The best way to learn more about iGuardpayroll is to try it yourself. The link below will get you to the website.  Feel free to try the functions and to generate some payroll & management reports.


Manage Employees

iGuardPayroll comes with a lot of tools to manage the employees of your company.  In addition to record the basic information such as address, number, bank account... etc., it also keeps track of the salary history, holiday and leaves, schedule, and more.

The information entered in iGuardPayroll is automatically available for all registered iGuardExpress & iGuard machines to retrieve, ensuring that all machines have the latest information for each employee.

Different kinds of reports are also available for management to download.

Employee Profile

iGuardPayroll helps you maintain employees' profile.  Some of the information is even synchronized automatically with the relevant iGuard machines.

Allow User Login

By simply enabling employees' login, iGuardPayroll allows each employee to login to the system via their own Google or Yahoo or Facebook accounts, thus saving you the time and efforts to assign and maintain user accounts and passwords for your employees.

User Login via Google, Yahoo...

Unlike the Administrator, employees can login to iGuardPayroll via their own Google, Yahoo or Facebook account. Depending on the employee's role (i.e., General-User or Co-Admin), after logging in, he/she can retrieve only his/her own information (such as his/her own access log records), or information of all employees under the authorized departments.


iGuardPayroll maintains a full list of schedule history for each employee, such as normal shift and night shift. iGuardPayroll uses the information to generate employees' late reports.


Similar to the Schedule, iGuardPayroll keeps track of each individual employee's salary history, including the basic salary, late and overtime adjustments... etc.  The information will be used to generate pay slips and other reports.

Access Log

The access log of each employee can easily be retrieved for quick reference. You can edit the In/Out status here. However, you cannot delete any record or modify other attributes such as the clock-in time, for data integrity reason.

Holidays & Events

You can assign public and personal holidays and other events to each individual employee.


You can create and assign different departments to employees.  By grouping the employees into different departments, you can assign different access rights to a group of employees instead of each individual employee one by one.

It also allows the employees in the Co-Admin role to manage other employees under the departments he/she belongs.