• supports both biometric fingerprint & contactless smart card authentication
  • built-in SecuGen Optical Fingerprint Sensor (selected model only)
  • embedded Web Server for easy report viewing through any Internet Browser anytime & anywhere

Remote Door Relay

The iGuard capabilities can be enhanced by the use of this Remote Door Relay, which is sold separately.  The Remote Relay assures that malicious damage to or tampering with the iGuard does not result in a release of the electric door strike or magnetic lock.

This device is to be physically installed inside the premises, and it is connected to the iGuard's Remote Relay connector at the back of the unit through a special twisted-pair cable.  When using the relay, the electric door strike actions are controlled by the remote door relay rather than directly by the iGuard unit.  The remote relay will only release the strike / lock when a properly addressed Release-and-Relock signal is received from the iGuard unit to which it is attached.


Using the webpage to specify a number from 0 to 255 as the ID of the remote relay connected to the unit.

The same ID has to be set in the DIP switch Remote Door Relay unit (the red switch shown in the picture).

Connection Diagram

This diagram shows how to connect the Remote Door Relay unit to the iGuard machine.

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