• supports both biometric fingerprint & contactless smart card authentication
  • built-in SecuGen Optical Fingerprint Sensor (selected model only)
  • embedded Web Server for easy report viewing through any Internet Browser anytime & anywhere


iGuard is the leading supplier of biometric fingerprint devices for health and fitness centers

We at Sunbay Fitness are committed to the active lifestyles of our customers and to that end provide 24/7 access to Sunbay Fitness. Security for your members is first and foremost and in the forefront of our obligation to them. We provide that security with the iGuard Biometric access control system. With the iGuard system we are able to provide a secure environment that is safe for our members and inaccessible to any non-members. The iGuard fingerprint reader allows those whose fingerprints are registered 24/7 access to the facility while any attempt by non-members is unauthorized thereby providing a secure environment for our members no matter what time of day or night. iGuard also provides management with the capability to gather time and attendance data in real time for scheduling, reporting and payroll if needed. It also provides us peace of mind knowing that the facility is secure regardless of times or days. iGuard is an outstanding security system for all types of fitness centers and gyms. That combined with 24/7 Technical support makes this the system for SUNBAY Fitness.

Tony Hopkins Owner, SUNBAY FITNESS Viera, FL