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When speaking about a payroll service for a company, the iGuard is one of the most efficient tools to use to track employee attendance and performance. This is a free service that is compatible with all iguard payroll, devices and are aimed to provide the quintessential services regarding payroll of your company. About the company

This tool has been developed by a company who are the pioneers of payroll solutions that are widely used in the current scenario. This patented technology has been the winner of many awards such as Biometritech 2002 Award for being the product of the year, Hong Kong industrial award, etc. Needless to mention, this company is now widely revered to be top in the industry for providing payroll and performance monitoring solutions. What is this product?

Talking about the features, multiple aspects have to be taken in consideration as the products are multipurpose in design. Some important features of this product are:

It has embedded web server so as to facilitate easy viewing of reports via the internet It supports smart card along with biometric fingerprint authentication There is an in-built Optical Fingerprint sensor present in some select models The company has greatly influenced how the world treats attendance and payroll models as the products of this company are both unique and ground breaking. Other benefits of iguard payroll

This product operates solely based on LAN/WAN setup which can be accessed and controlled via internet. This functionality makes this device ideal for companies who have their branches in multiple locations. All employee records, employee data, access logs will be synchronized automatically via Master and Slave combo, which is easily connected to iGuards present at each location. The device been serving the market for more than 10 years and has a clientele base of over 1000. Head over to to know how Payroll solutions have never been easier than how it is for iGuard.


A cloud-based service which works seamlessly with iGuardExpress and all other iGuard models, and provides essential payroll functions for your company.

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Our Products

Unlike other similar products in the market, our Access Control and Time & Attendance products are designed to be able to directly connect to your company's network or to the internet.  The access log records collected by our products can therefore be sent directly to the database server immediately, providing you real-time information about your employees' access records for instance.

Some of our products also have built-in web server for you to directly access and retrieve the employees' records via internet browser.

Time & Attendance

Our iGuardExpress and iGuard devices are products to record employee attendance accurately. The records can be retrieved in real-time manner either via the devices' built-in Web Server or via our iGuardPayroll Cloud application.

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Cloud Storage

Our cloud-based iGuardPayroll service is a free service for all iGuardExpress and iGuard users.  It provides a persistent storage for all your company's access logs (up to 5 years or 1 million records).  It also provides basic payroll functions and a lot of reports including late and OT reports, leave reports.... etc.  All these can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world via any internet browser.

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Access Control

Our iGuard device can restrict employees of physical access to your company or to a particular place in your company.  They are authorized based on the time, date, place and the departments they belong to.

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Our Company

We are a Hong Kong based company designing and manufacturing Access Control and Time & Attendance products for business. Having been in the industry for over eighteen years, we have developed a series of network-based & cloud-based products and services that are especially suited to provide real-time applications and solutions for our customers. Our products and services are sold in many countries.


Want to see who had actually clocked-in? With iGuardExpress' built-in snapshot camera, a series of snapshot pictures are recorded & attached to each access record as follows:


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On a budget?

For an extremely low price per month, you can immediately start using iGuardExpress and all the features provided by iGuardPayroll website. No contract. No commitment. No catch. No risk.

Note: This pay-as-you-go subscription model applies to iGuardExpress only.

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Applicable in both Time Attendance & Access Control applications, our iGuard FOSC model also uses fingerprint to identify employees, providing highly accurate and reliable authentication.

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All our products support Mifare® contactless smartcard.  In addition, iGuardExpress is able to sense Octopus card and supports other popular smartcard standards, including ISO/IEC 14443 and Sony 13.56 MHz FeliCa.