• 支援指紋識別和非接觸式智能卡身份驗證
  • 內置SecuGen光學指紋傳感器(指定型號)
  • 嵌入式網頁服務器讓用戶隨時隨地透過任何互聯網瀏覽器,輕鬆查看報表


  • 簡介
  • 基本型號
  • Supermaster
  • 周邊配件及工具
  • 應用範圍
  • 客戶評語
  • 最新資訊


  • iGuardPayroll
  • iGuardExpress
  • iGuard
  • iServer
  • 手提設備

iGuard Security System LM-520-FOSC / LM520-SC|Lucky Technology

Setup a new office and or a new branch at a different location and want a complete LIVE FEED of the people going in and out of the door? To ease out your troubles, Lucky Technology Ltd. have iGuard Security Systems. These systems use Biometric (Fingerprint) for check in and/or smart cards to authenticate time, attendance and access control. With over 10 years of experience in advancing the iGuard for the companies, they have patented their technology for iGuard.

These smart devices brings the simplicity of all the needed feeds, visible live, from any browser. iGuard are designed to directly connect to internet and give all the statistics on the iGuardPayroll, a free service for all models iGuard. The technology is advanced making it very simple to install and use. This plus and play device delivers access control for a stand-alone setup or multiple-door setup that too at multiple locations. Each location is connected through the internet and automatically synchronizes the complete data of employees’ data, access logs and records.

The basic model of iGuard Security System provides two variants, one by smartcards, and another by fingerprint sensor and smartcard in one. Both the devices have a built-in database server (with permanent storage of 20,000 log records), master/slave configuration and works with electronic doors as well. Apart from NO software needed to get the information, each iGuard device has its own IP address i.e. True TCP/IP Protocol. This basic model supports a maximum of 1000 employees’ information. Furthermore, the advanced model, the SuperMaster, supports upto 20,000 employees. What makes it additional advanced is the method of operation. The SuperMaster, acts like a server, requesting information from all connected iGuards and save log records centrally. Moreover, there is no limit to the SuperMaster to save the log records.

Also, the iGuardPayroll information can also be accessed via smartphone, as the portal automatically switches to the ‘Mobile View’ of the contents. With the service available in Asia, China, Europe, NA, SA and Africa, iGuard Security System support is a multi-platform (desktop/phone), multilingual and is irrespective of device’s installation location.

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