Lucky Technology Ltd

Growth and awards of Lucky Technology Limited

Lucky Technology Limited is an award winning company known for the production of the revolutionary iGuard device. This is the world's first web server device that can be used for control of access as well as keeping tracking of attendance of time. There is support for biometric fingerprint as well as a smart card authentication system that is super efficient in its function. Since 1999, the company has been setting benchmarks in security control and access tools.

The intention behind their first security access & control device was to: Use TCP/IP based communication protocol Use contact-less card or fingerprint based mode of authentication Employ web technology for operation To introduce use of internet for operation of product

Now that Lucky Tech has come a long way, their most recent prized possession is a product named as iGuard which is an advanced version of the original payroll tracker machine which had earned accolades from all over the world. What is special in iGuard? Unlike many other devices employed in various work places, iGuard by Lucky Tech can be used independently or via LAN/WAN configuration. It can be accessed with any web browser and all employee records, access logs and data of employees are synchronized instantly. This device makes use of CAT5 or CAT6 cable network to serve as a multiple-door or a standalone plug and play device. No special skill is required to operate this device and it should be good to go as soon as it is installed. Benefits that only Lucky Technology Limited can offer

Patented technology: iGuard is patented under US Patent # 6643779 to assure quality of service for any type of access control, identification and payroll system. Reputation: This company has produced iGuard versions since the last 10 years and has constantly improved upon every release by fixing bugs and implementing changes wherever necessary. Risking your business operations on any unreliable product is no longer necessary. Reliable data: Nothing matches to the data and information delivery by iGuard made by Lucky Tech. Whether your premises of business are located in different cities, different states or even different countries, you are ensured to find reliable information through the TCP/IP network. Visit to know more Awards and accolades Lucky Technology Limited has been the winner of many awards such as Industrial Award of Hong Kong in 1999 and 2002, Biometritech 2002 award for being product of the year, 2001 IT Excellence Award and many others.