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iGuard ® Access Control / Time and Attendance - "True TCP/IP" based

iGuard ® award winning technology is patented with many advanced features to assure positive identification for access control and payroll security.

iGuard ® is the leading Biometric Fingerprint authentication device. iGuard ® incorporates the latest in Mifare ® Smart Card technology and Biometric Fingerprint Scanning.

iGuard ® comes packed with advanced features such as Embedded Software and Embedded Web server and requires no special skills or equipment to install and use. With both Access Control as well as Time and Attendance functions, iGuard ® serves as either a stand-alone or multiple door plug and play device. Networking is easy using wireless or standard CAT 5 cabling.

All units are Webcam enabled with Weigand output capabilities. iGuard ® works independently or within a LAN/WAN configuration and can be accessed through the Internet using any Web browser.

Once the individual has enrolled their fingerprint into the iGuard ® unit, it can be either stored internally or removed and transferred to the contactless smart card. If transferred, a one-to-one match can be used for authentication. Learn more

US Patent # 6,643,779

US website is also hosted at us.lucky-tech.com

Live View of iGuard Web Interface

  • iGuard Installation Made Easy - Primary/Secondary Networking

  • Annie has been working for Lucky Group for almost 40 years. She has no technical background. After a 10 minutes training, with almost no supervision, she installed 10 units of iGuard on a TCP/IP network in Primary/Secondary mode. This has demonstrated that iGuard is a true TCP/IP plug & play device

    MAR 5, 2014
    Lucky Tech Joint Seminar with FlexSystem on 20-3-14 at 9/F., Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
    NOV 25, 2013

    www.iGuardluckytech.com (US site)
    MAR 7, 2012
    SEP 2, 2011
    Florida Today Newspaper - Video Interview about iGuard detail
    SEP 13, 2010
    iGuard® Upgrade & Warranty Extension $130 only
    Make your IGUARD® units like new and get 6 months warranty extention. Total value of $775.00 ! learn more
    JAN 12, 2010
    Testimonial from SUNBAY FITNESS
    We at Sunbay Fitness are committed to the active lifestyles of our customers and to that end provide 24/7 access to Sunbay Fitness. Security for your members is first and foremost and in the forefront of our obligation to them.detail

    JAN 28, 2011
    iGuard upgrades to fast Vortex 86DX CPU and WinCE 5.0
    iGuard upgrades from AMD Elan CPU and WinCE 3.0 to a faster 600Mhz Vortex 86DX CPU and WinCE 5.0 with higher reliability database. User will notice a faster access time to the embedded web server.
    For networking with the existing iGuards, please contact sales@lucky-tech.com for technical support.
    SEP 7, 2010
    Senator Freeman visit ABS Senator Freeman from Montserrado County, Libera, West Africa visited ABS to learn iGuard
    NOV 23, 2009
    Bob Dodd passed away Monday morning (11/16)
    Bob of Vending Service Specialists Inc. was a vocal advocate of iGuard and did everything within his power to promote the products through the vending solution for Public Schools – a project that was fraught with political agendas and funding shortages.
    However, none of those barriers ever deterred Bob from pursuing his vision and his passion.
    NOV 9, 2009
    New iGuard with SecuGen sensor iGuard LM520-FOSC
    English Brochure
    NOV 1, 2009
    New iGuard with SecuGen sensor Lucky proudly introduces a new iGuard with SecuGen sensor to give more choices to our customers.
    DEC 5, 2008
    ABS expands into new offices American Biometric Systems expands into their new offices in Titusville, Florida home of Kennedy Space Center. Laura Hernandez heads up sales and marketing.

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